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When it comes to booking media, whether it’s for television, radio, press or digital, it shouldn’t be difficult. Finding the right software that meets all your media buying needs can be a difficult task.

Agency In A Box allows you to analyse CPM or TARP’s, select TV programs for your schedule, select days, select amount of spots, add value and book media all in a matter of minutes. Click to view the media buying platform with Agency In A Box in action below.

Media Planning - Agency In A Box

Agency In A Box is the perfect project management software for any agency or marketing department. There are no headaches, it’s simple and easy to use. But of course, that’s easy for us to say! See for yourself how it can simplify EVERYTHING. We know you’ll fall in love with it. We sure did.

To chat more about Agency In A Box call us on 1300 10 20 33 or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


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