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Agency in a Box is the
complete cost effective tool
to run all facets of a busy
marketing department including…


Media Relationships

Business is built on relationships, it’s just a fact. Agency In A Box is a tool to assist you in developing those relationships NOT replace them. Importantly, you maintain the direct relationship with your media partners in your own market. Building great partnerships and receiving great added values to drive any business is critical to success. Agency In A Box puts this right within your control.

Media Planning

Finding target audiences is becoming more challenging with the proliferation of media channels. Marketers have been searching for an efficient cost effective system to analyse and book all of their media requirements. The key feature of Agency In A Box is media planning and buying. Agency In A Box media supplies the latest analytical data from Nielsen and EMMA.

Media Billing

Have you got media bills everywhere, tired of trying to work them out? Agency In A Box removes all the stress from complex billing process by collating all of your media bills on to one simple to read account. Broken down by campaign and by different media this simple to read service takes hours from the administration process. All media billed through Agency In A Box is insured through QBE Media Insurance.

planning billing

Cost Estimating

Emails, phone calls, can’t get suppliers, waiting around for quotes? Agency In A Box has a comprehensive estimate building module for both internal costs and for outsourcing. Send quote requests at the touch of a button, brief and cost TV, radio, print productions in detail right from Agency In A Box.

Project Management

Account Managers and Marketers want efficiencies to allow more time on improving results. You can set up everything from complex campaigns to simple tasks all within Agency In A Box. Write creative and media briefs, set timelines, allocate resources, allocate staff hours, set and hit deadlines right through the production and creative process.

Time Sheeting

We are busy, but are we efficient? Its not about big brother, it’s about making us efficient with our resources so we can have the big Christmas party and the pay increases we all strive for. Same issue different view.

Agency In A Box enables each team member to log time but more importantly identify where delays are occurring or efficiencies can be improved. This enables you to see the detail in jobs and assist team members in making the agency or department more efficient.

WIP Management

Don’t miss deadlines, it’s simple but often deadlines loom and can throw any agency or marketing department into distress. Agency Managers can see where all current jobs are in the process at any time. Real time updates show where jobs are and flag as soon as deadlines are missed. Workloads, rush jobs, efficiencies and general project management can all be managed through Agency In A Box.



Creative Briefing

Great Brief equals Great Creative, Agency in a Box ensures the brief is complete with all assets available right on the job for writers, designers, producers and photographers to see. Key information is clearly identified for every job and all assets available to the team. Or if outsourcing is your choice, send detailed quote requests and briefs to as many suppliers as you choose.

Creative Archiving

Ever heard “Hey, can we run that campaign again, can you send me the creative?” Once completed whether it be a series of TVC’s, radio, press, 32 page brochure or simple business card, they are all stored and available right on the job in Agency In A Box. Detailed client correspondence is stored right on every job removing the need for individual filing systems.

Comprehensive Reporting

“Hey, can you let me know what we did last month, the boss wants to know for his board report?” A comprehensive list of reports is available to make the answers to those questions a little less stressful.

For Agencies

Campaign lists, media expenditure by medium or supplier, client spends, media and production by client by month or quarter or year, spend by supplier. Get the picture, Agency In A Box puts it all at your finger tips.

For Marketing Teams

Spend by department, campaigns by department, media spends for negotiations, campaign plans for senior management monthly reports, supplier spends. Pulling reports together should not be tedious, it should all be at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Reporting



View program audience by demographic from Nielsen data, analyse CPM or TARP, select programs for your schedule, select days, select number of spots, add value and develop schedules to your needs. Television data at your fingertips! Your rate structures are all pre loaded giving you the control and ability to find your audience. Build your schedule, send to client for approval and book all in a matter of minutes.


Outside broadcasts, live reads, schedules, sponsorships whatever your plan for a radio campaign then Agency In A Box will accommodate. Simply fill in the media bookings, finalise the added values from your rep and once approved book and receive confirms right there in Agency In A Box.


So who reads newspapers today? With Agency In A Box readership is available at the planning stage. The latest EMMA readership data is available when you pick any print product from the pick lists in your market. Rate structures are pre-loaded so just talk to your media rep for a great position and send them a booking, done!

Social And Digital Media

Link directly in to all the key social media buying systems right from Agency In A Box. Just log the details in to your client estimate and you are ready to send to client for approval. Simple.

social tablet


Agency In A Box
Is Yours

Agency In A Box resides in your place of work so all the important documents and client information remains secure. All your information is installed during setup so when your people open the box for the first time it is a working model specific to your and their business needs. There are no “learning the system” headaches, its all done for you. Agency In A Box is the perfect project management and media planning software for any advertising agency.

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