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New Update! New Features!

New Update! New Features! It’s that time of year when we update our Agency In A Box system with new features! We’ve taken on board your feedback (which we take very seriously) and have implemented some cool new features for better project management within your Agency. We know you’re going to love them! Do you use PRP Files? Do you get the stations to put together media schedules for you? Well, did you know that the stations can also export the schedule as a PRP file which you can now import into Agency In A Box. It’s simple and easy, [...]

June 28th, 2018|Categories: Advertising Agency, Agency Software, Media Software, Project Management|

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Ad Agency Software

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Ad Agency Software When it comes to keeping your advertising agency on track and increasing efficiencies, selecting your project management software will be your holy grail. A good ad agency software will help keep your agency on track. It should help with project planning and scheduling, resource management, budgeting and finance management, whilst also giving ‘the big boss’ a platform to easily analyse the agency workflow. Whether you’ve already got a system in place that just isn’t working for your agency, or your looking to start a new agency and want to get started [...]

April 3rd, 2018|Categories: Agency Software, Project Management, Software|

It’s Time to Get Excited: It’s Software Update Time!

We’ve been working hard to ensure Agency In A Box is the best agency project management software it can be! But nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Which is why we’re excited to reveal a new version of Agency In A Box is now available with a bunch of new features and software updates to run your agency more efficiently! Take a look below. Master Campaigns Are you still using excel to create 12 month media plans for client approval? Well say goodbye to excel! The Agency In A Box system allows you to create media plans, [...]

April 26th, 2017|Categories: Advertising Agency, Agency Software, Media Software|Tags: , , |

Starting an Advertising Agency? 10 Things you need to know!

So you’re looking to start an advertising agency? Here at Agency In A Box we deal with a number of agencies ranging from creative studios to full service advertising agencies. Whether you want to be a small agency or the ‘biggest there is’, there’s a number of things you need to consider before embarking on your adventure. 1. It’s competitive! Are you ready? Yes, you probably already know this. But you’ve got an idea in your head that sets you apart from the rest. You’re going to do things differently to everyone else, right? Yes, we’ve heard all of that [...]

January 5th, 2017|Categories: Advertising Agency|

5 Tips for Managing A Media Agency

Managing a media agency is not an easy task! You need to keep your creative staff in check, your project managers on deadlines, generate new clients, and most importantly, keep your clients happy! This is definitely not easy.. So we’ve put together 5 tips to help manage your media agency better. 1. Keep track of your deadlines! Missing a deadline can make a client very unhappy. Make a client unhappy, you risk losing that client! Make sure you have a project management system in place that shows a timeline of all current jobs, deadlines and who is responsible for each task. [...]

September 14th, 2016|Categories: Agency Software, Project Management|Tags: |

Why Timesheeting is NOT Dead!

Yes, we all hate timesheeting. But at the end of the day it’s a necessary evil. Tracking your time against your jobs is still important. Not because your clients want to know, but because you need to make sure every job is profitable. The real reason everyone hates the dreaded time sheet so much is because it requires you to track every single thing you do. It feels like your boss is breathing down your neck. The worst part is finding out that a project took longer than it should have. And then telling your boss! Yes, time sheets can [...]

September 6th, 2016|Categories: Agency Software, Project Management|Tags: , |
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