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So you’re looking to start an advertising agency? Here at Agency In A Box we deal with a number of agencies ranging from creative studios to full service advertising agencies. Whether you want to be a small agency or the ‘biggest there is’, there’s a number of things you need to consider before embarking on your adventure.

1. It’s competitive! Are you ready?

Yes, you probably already know this. But you’ve got an idea in your head that sets you apart from the rest. You’re going to do things differently to everyone else, right? Yes, we’ve heard all of that before. But the truth is, does the world really need another advertising agency? The answer is no, but what we do need are advertising agencies that treat employees and clients like humans, not like walking streams of revenue!

2. Have the right people.

One of the most important things for a successful agency is having the right people on your team. If your client manager isn’t approachable, understanding and connecting with your clients, you won’t have clients for long!

3. Get yourself organised!

Running an agency or marketing department without a system in place to keep everything organised and on schedule is a nightmare waiting to happen! Having a good project management software system in place will ensure everything runs smoothly right from beginning to end.

Agency In A Box is a complete cost effective tool to run all facets of an advertising agency. Manage timelines, estimate jobs, timesheeting for staff, work on progress management, creative archiving, media booking with analytical data, it does it all! Take a sneak peak here.

4. Knowing your worth.

It’s important to know when to draw the line between what is a reasonable request and what is not. Don’t undermine your work because a client can’t see “the value in paying that much”. It’s not about charging through the roof, or setting costs so low to ‘beat’ competition. It’s all about quality and delivery. If you create quality material and deliver to clients professionally, they will always value your worth. However, there will be times when no matter how hard you try, a client will never see your worth. This is okay. Let these clients go.

5. Keep motivated.

Keeping yourself motivated and passionate about what you do comes from one thing: loving what you do. Make sure you chase work that you want. Don’t just chase the big dollars!

6. Connect and Inspire.

Believe us when we say, it’s important to inspire your team and clients. Don’t be ‘that’ boss that only cares about the figures. Don’t get us wrong, the figures matter, but so does being involved with your team and knowing how your clients are travelling. Get your hands dirty and communicate!

7. Give when you can.

Advertising does not have to be take take take! Give back to your clients when you can. Giving back to them makes them come back to you!

8. Stay on top of industry trends.

Ensuring you’re on top of industry trends not only ensures you can offer the best services to your clients, but also saves you the embarrassment of a client asking you a question about a new upcoming buzzword that you have no idea about! Sign up to industry publications, follow industry experts and attend events.

9. Watch over your team.

Keep an eye on your team and how they’re travelling. Is a team member being over worked? Or maybe another team member isn’t pulling their weight? We’re not saying you need to micro-manage everyone on your team, but keep an eye out for red flags.

10. Advertising is the art of connecting.

Advertising is not about selling, misleading people or having the most popular celebrity endorse a product. Say it with me: “Advertising is all about connecting with people”. It’s about making them feel. Never lose sight of what it is you do.

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Agency In A Box is the perfect project management software for any agency or marketing department. There are no headaches, it’s simple and easy to use. But of course, that’s easy for us to say! See for yourself here how it can simplify EVERYTHING. We know you’ll fall in love with it. We sure did.

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