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So you’ve been searching the Internet for the best project management software for your agency but how do you decide if the software will suit your needs? You want to see it in action don’t you? So of course a free trial seems like the right way to go about it. Right? We are sorry to say, but no.

By opting for a free trial you actually miss out on understanding what the system is really capable of. You end up having to ‘teach yourself’ a piece of software you’ve never used before. This is frustrating, wastes your time, and mostly results in you angrily deleting the software from your computer and starting your search again. But there is a better way, with a free demonstration.

How it works with Agency In A Box

By choosing a free demonstration of Agency In A Box, we run you through the system personally. This means you learn EVERYTHING that the system is capable of. There’s no teaching yourself. Have any questions, we’re there to answer them. Believe us when we say it’s easy to use! We made sure to keep the system headache free. Have a sneak peak at how simple the Agency In A Box system is here.

We also understand that every agency is different, with different needs and wants. So if you decide to go ahead with Agency In A Box, we tailor the system to suit YOUR business requirements. Once it’s setup, you’re ready to go!


Agency In A Box is the perfect project management software for any agency or marketing department. There are no headaches, it’s simple and easy to use. But of course, that’s easy for us to say! See for yourself how it can simplify EVERYTHING. We know you’ll fall in love with it. We sure did.

To chat more about Agency In A Box call us on 1300 10 20 33 or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


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