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We’ve been busy updating Agency In A Box and we’re delighted to say that Agency In A Box Version 2 is now available! See the new Agency In A Box in action here!

What does the new version include?

  1. Latest data from Nielsen at the click of a button so you can target audiences more efficiently and effectively
  2. Updated booking screen allowing you to analyse CPM or TARP’s, select TV programs for your schedule, select days, select amount of spots, add value, and create media schedules in a matter of minutes
  3. Everything you need all in one place to save you time. Estimating, scheduling, booking, billing and reporting. No spread sheets. Not multiple programs. Just a complete marketing management system

There are no headaches with Agency In A Box. It is simple and easy. We’ve also created heaps of helpful tutorials just for you! If you still get stuck, no problem. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

For more information call us on 1300 10 20 33, send us an email or visit our website


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